An overview of  installations, both independent projects and those done within a social engagement context.

Grooming the Land

2018, at CACiS, Catalunya.

Nothing harvested- nothing taken or added- just gently finger combing the grasses, following the direction the grasses lay from wind and rain on the hillside, making rope “French braid’ style.cofIMG_20181104_115238

Walking the Land in Four Directions

2015 CACiS Catalunya

Departing from the studio each week in a new direction- harvesting plants and making footwear from what was found. 4 pairs of shoes made, each for community members to wear and try walking in the landscape from which the plants were harvested.


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Community Wall Repair

2012 coil bound invasive bromilaids, tule, pine needles and other biodegradable local materials

Working with Community in Real Del Monte Mexico

more info and photos of Mexico projects


Life Force

crocheted agave, ixtle, jute with Nopal cactus skeletons

working with community in Real Del Monte Mexico

detail of Life Force

detail of Life Force



woven tule mat and “satellite”

Real Del Monte Mexico


Ephemeral Mosiac

salvaged flowers post day of the dead festival made by community members



2012, CACiS, cordage tule net installation made with partcipants from Setba foundation

more info and photos


The Coiled River

Working with invasive English ivy removed from Stanley Park by the Stanley Park Ecology Society approximately 100o people participated in making the Coiled River in summer 2011. The project continued in 2012 resulting in a semi-permenant installation outside Science World on the Seawall.

More info and photos from The Coiled River

Over 275 rings were made with community over the summer of 2011 in Stanley Park coiling English ivy into simple basket bases, these were sewn together into a large form, creating a 3 iteration fractal of our original shape. Much thanks due to Derek Irland for his support in this project and to Penny, Haruko, Janet, Anne, Emily, Rachel, Billy and Maggie for assistance in sewing the form together.

New Canoe

Using re-purposed green waste such as Cottonwood and vine maple cuttings, a small water craft sculpture was created
 More information about New Canoe

Barraca de Vinya installation, 2010

October 2010 was spent doing a residency at CACIS in the heart of Catalan Spain.

See more about this installation

deflated Barraca de vinya from 2010

documentation of work in 2012


Remains in 2015


Ivy Boat

originally made with community in Coal Harbour the Ivy Boat  lived in Crab Park pond from 2008-2011 when ir was replaced by new canoe.

SRO for disturbed land

stinging nettle, sewn

more information about this installation


woven dogwood

“rakings and sweepings” and “whip weave”

Umbria Italy,  hawthorn, olive, fig, laurel clippings, 2006

Mother’s Dresses: Final Resting Place

Kells, Killkenny Ireland magnolia leaf skeletons, organza

Tree Weave

marsh reeds, grasses, cotton warp line. Collaboration with Joanna Jardine

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