Vision Statement:

  • To meet with others through common work
  • By traveling, interpret new environs
  • Natural and Urban – in an experiential way

The current work that most excites me is not my routine of making personal objects of clothing, but how those same skills and techniques can create a space for cultural exchange and deepening ways of knowing a place through both the plants and animals, as well as the social history of a place.

I seem to spend much time organizing events that use textile-related methods to create a social container – the space and context for something collective to unfold. Relationships to place and people are developed through these collective moments of textile-based inquiry.

The larger context for this work is based in a desire that pushes for culture change.

What plants can grow in city parks? Having Vancouver Park Board nursery assist or support starting plants with traditional fibre use such as Dogbane, Fireweed and Stinging nettle (Apocynum cannabinum, Chamaenerion angustifolium and Urtica dioica) in city public lands has been a multi-year journey of conversation that brings us to a point of having these plants now growing in a city park.  Plants usually seen through a gardener’s lens as pest-like, too unruly to manage or not pretty and at worst dangerous can be celebrated and feed pollinators as well as a community of urban textile enthusiasts. Nettle  I have planted and nurtured in a city park has been used for many different classes and workshops including dialogue around ethical foraging and methods of reciprocity with the plants we harvest. In the Land & Sea project, Coast Salish net-making traditions were explored while conversations around fishing the coast transpired.

Mostly, I am thrilled to be at the heart of EartHand Gleaners Society, a non-profit organization I began with support from colleagues and friends in 2013 that has quickly grown to be an exciting and vibrant community of skill and knowledge holders so willing to share and learn together.

I moved to the Vancouver BC- to Coast Salish territory- in my early twenties, and am honoured to live work and play in this incredible place, still discovering what is at my feet with those that join in for the journey.

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