The Completion of the Weaving Wagon

Thanks to Rebecca for doing such a great job of writing about the journey of making the weaving wagon… Very thrilled to announce it is now in use around Vancouver! This could not have happened without the support of the skill-holders who worked with us: Geoff Hibbard ( Shift Urban Delivery) master weaver Alastair Heseltine, Martin Borden and Rebecca Graham. And much gratitude to Vancouver Park Board and BC Arts Council for funding support, and Abeego ( reusable beeswax food wrap) for the fibre donation for our roof!

EartHand Gleaners Society

We sat around Sharon’s table in November and talked about this; we wrote it in our books and scheduled around it for months; and then we discussed logistics for weeks ahead of time.
And yet… it still seemed unbelievable that we were going to go away to a beautiful place to study weaving with a master and collaborate on an awesome project for an entire week.

Sharon, Martin and I drove up with the Weaving Wagon chassis and Sharon’s bike in the back of my truck — yes, it would have been cool to have biked up and all, but it would have taken us two days each way, leaving only three for weaving. Geoff, hale and hearty, showed us how it’s done by riding his bike all the way from Vancouver to Hornby in one day — and even stopping off at the Metal Supermarket in Nanaimo on the…

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