weaving projects announced

You know those times when you are just running so fast in the  act of doing, that you don’t seem to have much timer for the  telling about it?

That seems to be me right now, so instead of doing a separate post here for the 2016- ‘where I will be and what I will be doing post’- please pardon me  cross posting from our EartHand website and just sending out  links.

I am super excited about this project coming up soon Weaving Bird Habitat -with Stanley Park Ecology Society- long time partners, and this next research project looks for more  weavers ( of all skill sets) to come and help build prototype bird habitat using invasives species and collaborating with community park stewards.

Also take a look at the eartHand summer workshop and events page here. 

I continue to be amazed I somehow get to do all of this fun stuff with so many great people! Hope to see you out over the summer.

One response to “weaving projects announced

  1. YAY you! all your projects look amazing Sharon. I’m feeling the press of the act of doing as well. It’s all good though, isn’t it really … considering the alternative, I’ll take it!

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