invasive plant up-purposing- wattle fences in Stanley Park!

This past weekend, right before heading out of town I had an amazing time working again with the Stanley Park Ecology Society. The next iteration of our creative re-purposing includes using the invasive plants for erosion control and bio remediation projects: wattle fences to deflect gravel and rain run-off  from filling North Creek, and hopefully deterring feet from treading on paths we are decommissioning- the ivy nets are dried and in storage- ready for installation in October when planting time returns!

A huge thanks to the volunteers who collected materials and everyone who came out to help weave fences!

getting started…..

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wattle weaving-  just a “twist” on basketry twining…

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such a great group of people out both days! And fast workers too, in total we wove about 80 feet of fencing, with tops finished with an ivy rope.

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IMG_5145I couldn’t help but take this “product shot” of invasive weaving samples, featuring beside the wattle fence my foraging basket- which uses English ivy ( and other local selvage),  a berry basket made with Himalayan Blackberry by Joy Witzsche and blackberry spun fibre sample.

IMG_5240more photos are posted on flickr here

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