New Weaving Retreat Program Announced!

Suddenly it is like I am back in time programming for the city of Burnaby.. only now it is for my very own programs!

EartHand Gleaners Society

Rebecca and Sharon get asked all the time if they are teaching a specific class, or when something will be offered again… As everything we have done to date has involved always grant writing to offer classes for free as a part of larger projects, sometimes the project we are  doing doesn’t fit the skills or workshops people want to  do.

So! We have spent time figuring out how we can build a  series of workshops that allow us to customize each season  as paid weaving retreats, with free space reserved for low income participants. This allows us to still meet the needs of our community, but also we hope re-instills the value of what we do and share.

As this  program builds we shall increase the number of workshops we offer, bring in other instructors and hope to develop this as a strong part of the eartHand gleaners society…

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