a month in review…

Having just spent the last 5 hours sorting photos,  doing a newsletter, posting to flickr, facebook and various webpages all of the recent events that are unfolding at a frantic pace right now I realize with shock and horror there is NOTHING on my own website to show for all this computer time. And so, I bring you the  fast version of recent events. A bit of a  link and click version of where content is at perhaps, but there you have it- what my time affords, as the sun is a-shining and the kids come back to the park for more fun action soon!

The odd thing this month- I used plastic- I may as well admit it, because the internet is full now of images of kids playing with bags- yes they can be toys given proper supervision- and very good ones too I might say.

David put it very diplomatically the other night when he said, I admire your willingness to embrace plastic- so unusual for you.- and yes indeed- but you know what? it was awesome! the kids made a big rope as a group exercise, my friend Susan was kind enough to keep up a work song as they  twisted- all at the same pace, and we made a  3 meter long rope- that stretched to 4.5 meters over multiple tug of war games.

It never broke.  The kids are still playing with it- I keep seeing it dragged out at recess, and the other kids all know that Ms. Persoon’s class is making rope. We made rope first individually, they all got it -piece of cake. Then we made a group rope with cattails, then the plastic came out and let the games begin!51-IMG_3949more photos on flickr of the whole rope making and other class and park activities here and lots more about the trillium residency is here on the park blog.

In more usual form- David and I had an amazing time being hosted on Gabriola Island for a weekend weaving event- sharing a little bit of what we do at MOP garden, from terra-forming new pathways and weaving group installations to sit on the landscape. What a treat as working holidays go, this was awesome! New friends met, and a chance to visit with the fine people we  fell in love with last fall too…. we seem to be developing a family on the island I must say.

 our hosts Regina and Mat with fur child Molly

our hosts Regina and Mat with fur child Molly

some  photos from  the work on Gabriola are here.

Things continue along as well on the weaving front for urban cloth, seeding another years worth of flax for linen and crocheting markers for the pollinator friendly zones in the downtown eastside, but time runs out so will leave it at this for now. I hope your Spring is as beautiful and full of potential as it can possibly be.

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