spring fibre foraging and planting

A busy month of farming and foraging these last few weeks as our project, Terroir:Urban Cloth takes off!

urbanclothproject: Terroir

I thought it high time to do a bit of updating for what we have been up to in the planting and harvesting department so far. there have been some exciting things discovered!

But First: for the record

flax plantings took place as follows:

Means of Production Garden May 29 (Marylin seeds)

Maclean Park June 2 (Electra seeds)

Hastings Urban Farm June 3 ( Marylin seeds)

Trillium North June 7 ( Marylin and Electra seeds)

I was overzealous in the seeds I gave away before I had a chance to do my own planting, so  planted  mostly electra ( last years seed) at Trillium, and noticed right away that the small square of marylin came up faster, not sure if that is a  seed difference, or because the electra was  older seed. Penny did a bit of research, and it looks like there should only be about a 2% chance…

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