Common Threads in pre-sales!

Well, it is almost done. I have written a book on my community engaged environmental  art practice. The content includes philosophical musings on why the work is important, many interviews with people who provide a broader context of sourcing materials as well as community engagement, and a big chapter on techniques and  plant discovery.  The publisher is New Society, who has a long history of producing how-to books aimed at social and environmental responsibility – they have been a pleasure to work with and I am so happy to be on their author list!

The book will be on shelves in November, but pre-sales are on now for a 20% discount. The very observant of you may notice my subtle, understated sidebar link to  purchase off of New Society’s website, and as soon as I figure out the techie glitches, it will appear as a bolder statement, I promise.

Meanwhile, here is that link to pre-sales deals, should you be so inclined!

And now, back to the garden…

2 responses to “Common Threads in pre-sales!

  1. Congrats on the book, Sharon! Looking forward to reading it soon. I’ll order as soon as I am back from NL (I don’t want it to languish in my post box all that time)!!

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