May Planting

Prepping gardens seems to be the main thing in my life right now- partially so I can have something to eat I have grown myself later in the summer and the fall, and also so I have something new to wear- likely in 2016 at my current rate of production.

my modular thinking has got me going on a “sports bra style” top to start. Once I have linen grown, processed, plied and knit  my bra might grow to a dress.

Two long knit cables served as the straps connecting in to the  free-form lace back section. The front remarkably was the right number of guessed stitches and fits the top with short rows to shape the top edge- alas I  did not get a photo of that before it went into the mordant bath, so the big reveal  of the sports bra will be in its new found shade, dyed with Paulownia bark  left over from David’s horn making.

We have three main sites to grow Flax and milkweed this year

Hastings Urban FarmIMG_1150where so far, Milkweed is plantedIMG_1143Trillium North, where we have taken over an area creating a willow woven fence and will be growing flax as a part of Terroir: Urban Cloth.IMG_1127and the top bed at Means of Production, for milkweed and Flax.IMG_1041ready for planting!

Of course, we also have the little plot outside of Maclean studio, and the downtown east-side neighbourhood house folks are happy to help with that bed this year. We will be growing some milkweed, flax as well as amaranth and quinoa grains that they will use in their kitchen programs.

And we can’t forget Aberthau! Brian and Rebecca have taken over that bed, with oats, wheat and rye already up several inches, flax and marigolds for dye are going in this week!

Then there is the little food garden in a back yard near by. I am officially needing fingers on 2 hands now to count the gardens I am tending, even if I use  thumbs.

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