The quest for instructions…

My friend Robin Ripley, a sculptor showed me this object she picked up the other day at a yard sale- I think it was a yard sale. She was intrigued by it, and could see it having a re-purpose in a sculpture assemblage down the road.

Then  she got to looking at it closely and wondered what it was, it says SPEEDWEVE on the top, and  the little needles move back in forth in tandem when you push the side bar…


I  Bragged to Robin about the diverse and international textile crowd I seem to hear from  that read my  posts occasionally, and figured someone online could could enlighten us as to what it was.

Then I thought I would just do a quick google search and see what speed weave turned up.

Oh My!

What a Find!

This great site shows not only what it is, but how to use it. Thank you to TOMOFHOLLAND

And, his site looks to have lots of other interesting tasty bits on mending and repairing, so thanks Robin for sharing the speedweve with me, and I hope its future sculpture use still allows it to be used! ( btw, I also found one selling for 61.00 US on ebay…)

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