2014 fibre research


If you are reading any environmental posts you have likely  noticed there is a lot of talk about the crash of the Monarch butterfly population last year. One of the big problems is the  major food,  milkweed, is being destroyed through massive agriculture and GMO crops and various practices that destroy the  natural habitat for the milkweed plant. No milkweed, means  no Monarchs, as the  plant is crucial for caterpillar feeding. The Suzuki Foundation and others have a big push to get more of these beautiful plants into peoples gardens, school grounds and other areas to rebuild pollinator corridors for the  butterflies. Before I was reading any of this I was already fascinated by the milkweed plant thanks to Joanne Touchette, who contacted me to see what I knew about processing milkweed into  spinnable fibre ( the answer was nothing!) Joanne posted her amazing results on fb, and as I…

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