weaving technique tester’s needed…

So, this winter has had me mostly holed up with my head down working on writing  my first  book, Common Threads: weaving community through collaborative eco-art. I have 6 weeks before delivery date to the publisher, and have passed  my 65000 word mark … whoot! Only 15000 more, give or take some heavy editing which is yet to happen.

However, this is where community really comes back into the writing for the book in a big way…. I am writing a how-to technique section of some of my favourite go-to techniques, these will have photos to follow along and so far seem pretty good, but  I need some help from my community. The idea of testers makes sense… People who are interested in hand techniques- but preferably don’t already know how to do all of the techniques I am writing about… Folks that can come to the studio and follow my written instructions by reading and looking at the photos, work with each other- and I will watch and do my best to be a silent observer!

I am seeing this as being a kind of speed-dating for technique development, as I hope to rapidly go from one technique to the next, and  spot the glitches in my directions. All materials are provided.  Wednesday nights… 6.30-9pm at Maclean park Fieldhouse pre-reg by clicking on the links below!

And stay tuned! Common Threads comes out next fall….

Feb 26 splitting, bark removal, simple binding, twining

March 5 coiling, cordage, chainlink crochet

March 12 random orb weaving

2 responses to “weaving technique tester’s needed…

  1. Congrats on the book, Sharon!! I was hoping you would be working on something like this, to share the amazing things you are doing with the world. Looking forward to seeing it in print VERY much.

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