Flax Sit and Spin Social

we are approaching the countdown ladies and gentlemen.

A  full season of tilling, weeding, sowing, weeding, watering, weeding, watering and harvesting.

then  processing!

flax into gold. I get it now.

What a year of learning it has been!

Throughout the process of growing a flax crop for linen production I have learned so much about the clothing on my back, the history of cloth, of processing fibre and the stories, myths, legends and fairy tales not to mention language that comes from our roots of textile production.

Almost daily in the dogpark I notice a dog with its hackles raised, and of course now I know where that word comes from!

IMG_6333and speaking personally, I remember being refered to as a tow-headed child…

tow is the short  fibre going in all directions that gets caught behind the hackles- and became a descriptive word for a child with messy light coloured hair. I wonder as a mostly silver-haired woman now I can still be referred to as a tow-headed? hmm.

The process is so alluring, I   have totally fallen in love with each step of turning flax into  strikes

IMG_6414 and of course,  flaxen hair makes more sense as a descriptive term too..

The next step to really tackle  is the spinning. I have been doing more wool spinning on my wheel lately just to get reaquainted, but I know flax is very different to spin, I have spun a bit on my drop spindle, and it is easier than I would have thought. but my impatience always get s the best of me and I want to speed the process up- so look forward to trying out the wheel!

Thursday November 7th we are hosting  our final Aberthau event:

the flax sit and spin social.  6.30-9.30pm

we invite anyone who knows how to spin to join us, bring your drop spindle or spinning wheel and  we will divvy up this years crop that  is processed for all to share and spin that night.

I don’t what I am going to make yet with my spun linen. I am giving away more of my crop then I am keeping in hopes of inspiring others to  become flax  growers but I am thinking  maybe of knitting a  lacy tank top.

I will have to see how much linen there is spun first, and I likely want to do some dying with it. Must go collect some Staghorn Sumac  leaves for mordant!

check out the project website or flickr collection of project events for more details on what we got up to with our flax crop  ands stay tuned, I will post again with my knit results- hopefully finished by next summer  ….slow fashion.

come join us November 7th if you can!

sit spin poster

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