erosion control ivy bio-netting is installed!

We had an incredible couple of clear days weather-wise (with rain on either side) for working out on the slope in Stanley Park where we installed the bionetting made over this past summer from English ivy crocheted and knit with community participation.

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What an amazing, rewarding, hard-work installation it has been!

Nothing like spending two days scrambling up and down a steep hillside constantly hauling tools,  tarps full of  mulch, plants, digging holes, hammering cedar pegs and more- to remind one of the little muscles so seldom used in the small of the back and legs.

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Today I have mountain goat shins

and well earned too.

It surprised me at the end of such a day, when  the amazing people who have come out to assist said thank you.

thanking me?

I feel like I should be buying everyone a meal!

Bringing  everyone home for a bowl of soup , or having ration cards for a massage therapist to hand out- wouldn’t that be nice?

I guess the cool thing is that everyone  learned something; we all stepped out of our daily lives for a brief bit of time, and did something  together that was  creative and constructive that felt like we  left the world in  better shape then we found it when we each got out of our respective beds that morning.

What more can anyone ask  for in a day really?

So thank YOU to everyone who participated over the summer and fall in pulling the ivy,  making the netting and installing it.

I really and truly would not be able as an artist to do the work I do if it was not for the people like you who think this is cool, fun, important,  interesting, a workout, challenging,  a new experience- or whatever reason brought you out to participate- I am so glad you came.


and now back the business of making art;

as the crochet and knit work  we made biodegrades and the organisms in the ecosystem become my new collaborators,  the soil created and contained on site becomes the art.


beforeand now:

IMG_7698stay tuned for updates as the site takes over taking care of its self…

2 responses to “erosion control ivy bio-netting is installed!

  1. I love love love your enthusiasm the only issue I have with this is that English Ivy is on the BC Noxious list and you have actually now taken on the legal responsibility as the “Contractor” to control this invasive species; quite a liability if any regulator chooses to follow through on it.

    If you have a orojectblike this again I would be happy to help with alternatives and even supply them free of cost.

    Keep up your enthusiasm!

    • you bring up a good point that is maybe not clear from reading just one blog post on the ivy netting project- this research project is being done with the Stanley Park Ecology Society- in a controlled park/forest setting that is already overtaken with ivy…. and the install site is monitored by ecologists to make sure the netting has not rooted- we also let it dry in the sun for 6-8 weeks over the summer hot months before installing- so it is good and dead when it is installed! Our first site from 2009 is completely rehabilitated with maturing native plantings and shows no sign of ivy growing, and the netting has biodegraded- we are still monitoring the 2012 installation site and so far so good… 🙂 thanks for reading my posts!

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