5 responses to “The beauty of my community

  1. Awww, so nice. Have fun while I am away!

    Check out all the Artist Studios in Parks!
    Danita Noyes, Arts Programmer
    Arts, Culture and Environmental Arts Dept.,
    Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.
    in person (604) 257-1434
    to leave a voice mail (604) 257-8496 danita.noyes@vancouver.ca
    The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation recognizes the arts as an essential element in a vital, creative and balanced city and seeks to actively facilitate participation in and access to the arts for all. http://vancouver.ca/parks/arts/artspolicy.htm

  2. What a lovely summer, Sharon. love the flax project and the solar dyeing. the latter is a must go for me. Congratulations to you,David and jd for creating your life. Xo karenza

  3. like your pic. I sow the flax. heavy. I use a tucker tote or I dew rett. originally {2003} got the seed from Landis Valley, saved it since. I have taken it from seed thru spinning. I weave but never wove flax. I just found you on the internet. I will watch in the future

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