2 responses to “MEXICO: Final Musings

  1. I think it’s always the way that, in working so intensely for a period of time, we are always struck with the ‘getting it’ part so late in the game … there’s a part of the mind processing continually, putting all the bits together in new and interesting ways, but we’re not always totally aware of it in the moment. There are some amazing things (so many!) to follow up form this work Sharon! Well done – and a fantastic way to round out the year, I think. May 2013 hold many wondrous adventures in creativity for you and yours!

  2. Just checked out your pics of Teotihuacan. I went there in 1973 and again in 1989. It had become very run down in ’89. Looking much better now.

    A note about the carved feathered serpent heads. You can still see the remains of the dye that these were coloured with originally. Sadly, the method for dyeing stone has been lost – sad story….

    When we visited Monte Alban, we were looking for an English speaking guide to take us on a tour. We found the only one, and when he discovered that we were from England clasped his heart and told us how sorry he was for what the Christians had done to our indiginous population and the sacred site of Stonehenge. We were probably the only Brits he could ever had said that to and got total agreement!

    He showed us the various results of Christian desecration of Monte Alban and the remains of the blue, yellow and red colouring on the walls and carvings. He explained how the Christians had killed so many of the local artisans that the method of dyeing stone was lost forever. People had come from the University of Mexico for many years and tried to work out how it was done so they could redye Teotihuacan. He showed us the results of their stone-dyeing trials. All dismal failures, faded from the sun and washed away with the rain.

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