3 responses to “Scotchbroom fibre processing how to video

  1. you plan to try to catch fibres from broom in august (as i read in the newletter from sharon kallis) but in the video you do it when the broom is still flowering which is probably late spring-early summer. is the timing important?

    • Our first attempt ( which was when the video was made) was going by the traditional time of when Spanish broom is harvested for fibre- during bloom time, but spanish broom blooms in the summer, not the spring and we think perhaps the fibre will be stronger in the summer after a season of sunshine- so now we are trying it in mid August to see what the differnce is- Our first attempt was mid May I am guessing next year we may split the difference and try it early July. the perfect time would actually be then, as any birds nesting in the bushes would have fledged and the seeds have not popped, so we can remove and dispose of those. We have had such an unusually hot and dry summer here our results will be skewwed from what we could expect in a normal summer I think.

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