softly walking

This is a new-to-the-public pursuit for me, something that until recently has been a quiet pastime, but I am now going public with my one-of-a-kind reworked articles of clothing.

A familial, depression-era prairie woman’s ways have been passed down a  generation to me  “working with what you’ve got, use what’s useful, help your neighbours and don’t waste” all influence the ideas and intentions of my softly walking designs. My sculptors background defines the shapes, cuts and folds that emerge from the sculptural malleability of the fabrics chosen.  Garments  are purchased from local thrift stores, washed, cut and processed, then washed and shrunk again. 10% of sales will be going to local DTES initiatives that provide forms of protection for the community. Works are available at Gentille Alouette on Carrall St. in Gastown

Sweater/vests range from 118.-165.

vest/transition layers and capes range from 200.-500.

Garments modeled by Sarah.

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