Split English Ivy: twining baskets and more

Splitting English ivy is very easy,  but needs to be done when vine is fresh, or after soaking for approx. 24 hours. split the end of the vine, begin pulling ends apart with both hands, when the vine becomes thicker on one side, pull down harder on that side to pull the fibre back to centre ( photos to come of this soon, I promise!)

children can have lots of fun with this with  assistance.-**note: English ivy is one of those materials that some people have a sensitivity to, so gloves are recommended be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

ivy bundles that are split can be wrapped around the hand and tied to store for later use, soak for a day before weaving.

Starting a basket base from the “spider” starting method

we stuffed baskets with some moss, soil and planted them as outside planters

leave the warp “spider legs” long, tie them and turn it  into a  hanging planter…

notice in this photo, the warp was unsplit, the warp split ivy- bark left on allows for two-tones weaving….

Cedar and Ivy shoes

Working with Todd Devries, I am slowly working on a pair of cedar warp, ivy weft shoes using the twining technique for the sides, and a flatbasket weave for the base- eventually I plan on having a sole on these for outdoor street wear.

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