Barraca de Vinya installation, Catalan Spain, 2010

October 2010 was spent doing a residency at CACIS in the heart of Catalan Spain.

Learning about the agricultural history of the land, inspired by the “stone wall” evidence of historical human presence on the land, the community connection to  the returned grape vines and the barraca de vinyas- small unmortared stone-stack huts for vine workers tool storage that are scattered all over the landscape and the stone terraces that run throughout the pine and oak forests I wove/basket-stitched a barraca de vinya using an invasive vine: Vidalba, and bound rosemary, fennel and verbena- all plentiful on the land. Help from community included local teenagers, and various community members.

My partner in all things, David Gowman joined me for the last few weeks, and together we worked with the grape vines and trunks from  a local small farm, where the filed is being switched from grape production to olive production this year. How lucky to have a saw handed to us for helping ourselves to these beautifully espaliered grape vines.

there are lots more photos of my experience at CACIS  available on my flickr site.


Update: February 2012- my Barraca de Vinya installation from 2010 covered in snow, thanks to Irene Vendrell for the photo!

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