Crocheting English Ivy

Ivy is an incredibly invasive species on the west coast of Canada, but is incredibly strong and pliable as a vine to work with. The Ivy Project found me working with various community and ecologists re-purposing the vine in a variety of ways: crocheting turned out to be my favourite.

casting on to the fence at our work site, we used the open spikes as our needles, and worked from left to right and right to left to crochet “yardage” to work with and also for the bio-netting erosion control experiment.

Not actually being a knitter or knowing how to crochet, when I first set about to figure this out as something teachable to the public, I remembered corking or french knitting/ spool knitting from my childhood. I built large plywood frames of varying sizes to work with. These worked beautifully as an technique intro and to makeĀ  tube forms.

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