pattern drafting: where art and clothing meet

Cold and rainy winters finds me working indoors more often then the rest of the year, and more inclined to solitude then collaboration: a good time  for studio based work to happen, most pieces unfold over a few  years. I  love the challenge of pattern drafting, sometimes for wearables, but also for sculptural forms that reference the human body.

Shed (1): Blanket wool, denim and coat rack.

Shed(2): organza and magnolia leaf skeletons

Bound: felted human hair, hair buttons, stand

Gleaner Gown: found winter garden clippings ( jasmine, cedar, brides money seed coins, tulle)

 Sluts Wool Slippers: ( from interior of Cloister installation) spun floor sweepings, wire, waxed yarn

Cloister: dog hair and plastic

Mourning Dress: sewn magnolia leaf skeletons, interfacing

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